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Here is a letter we just received from one of our graduates:

Dear Mr. Fiore,

I am a graduate of Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers, Newburgh NY. I finished up around 2013 and went straight to Salon Maffei, White Plains NY. Which I stayed at for almost two years until I decided to dive into other courses and classes to learn everything I can about this industry.
The process has not been kind, and most recently attending a class down in south Florida, I’ve come across a very hard lesson. Not every school is Capri.
Since day one getting information for the Cosmetology course way back in 2011, I knew from after speaking to Lauren for only five minutes that this is where I wanted to be. September 2012 was the beginning of that journey and it was the best time of my life and completely worth investing in. To look back on only a short period of time and think “wow I’ve done so much” it’s an amazing thought, and to think further on it, I wouldn’t of had the courage to do any of those things and take those chances if it wasn’t for the inspiration from Capri and their staff.
Not only did Lauren help guide me along the way so perfectly, each teacher and advisor was nothing less then amazing. They are always willing to help and go the extra mile to make sure their students gain what they need to be successful outside of class. Going through the course, you forget those things and only after time and reflection can you really gain that respect and thankfulness of that process, even when it was hard and had to take the test three more times or stay the extra hours, you were never in it alone. There was always someone by your side.
I think the greatest part of my experience was able to listen and watch a team of hair stylist, estheticians, advisors and students all come together. When you listen, you hear the passion behind their voices, you hear how badly they all want you to succeed, how excited everyone always is!! Everyone the whole way; from Lauren at the beginning to Ms. Roe handing you that graduation certificate.
I conclude this letter by saying this; Thank you Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers and to everyone involved along the way that helped myself and my classmates to gain that proper education. To those future students, don’t think, just do. Capri Cosmetology Learning Center is where you need to be.

Evamarie Mastria